Basic Llama Care

Are you considering getting a llama? Llamas are becoming more and more popular, and with good reason. They don’t need as much room as other livestock, are quite hardy, and are lots of fun! In this article, a Habersham County, GA vet discusses basic llama care.


Your llama will need a good shelter. It should have at least three sides, to keep your furry pal protected from wind and rain. You’ll need to keep your llama’s area fenced off. Use a solid fence, such as corral fencing. Avoid barbed wire, as it can be very dangerous! It may be helpful to build a small pen as well, so you can contain your llama when it’s time for a checkup or nail trim.


Fiber should make up the bulk of your llama’s diet. If your pasture isn’t sufficient, you’ll want to provide your furry friend with quality hay, such as Timothy hay. Mineral and salt blocks should also be available at all times. Grain should only be fed if your vet recommends it, or in certain situations, such with a nursing llama. Ask your vet for specific dietary recommendations, including portion sizes. Last but not least, just like any other animal, llamas should always have plenty of fresh, clean water.

Regular Care

Llamas are typically very hardy, and generally stay quite healthy as long as they are well kept, but they do need regular veterinary care. Parasite control and regular wellness care, including vaccinations, are very important. Your llama will also need regular nail trims and dental care, and should be sheared annually. Ask your vet for more information.


Llamas are herd animals, and can get lonely without any buddies. We recommend keeping at least two, rather than a single llama. As far as training, you’ll want to get your llama used to being haltered and handled, and teach them to walk when led. It’s also helpful to get your llama accustomed to loading in and out of a trailer for travel. Further training is optional, but if you like, you can teach your llama to carry packs or teach him some basic commands, like Stay or Come. Llamas can be quite territorial, so you might find that your furry friend makes a great watchdog!

Do you have questions about llama care? We can help! Call us, your local Habersham County, GA veterinary clinic, anytime!

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