The Most Dangerous Spots in the Home for Your Pet

All things considered, your pet is much safer inside your home than out. With that being said, there are some common indoor hazard spots to be aware of. Fortunately for you and your pet, it just takes awareness and a few precautionary measures to keep your animal companion safe! Your Habersham County, GA vet elaborates below:

The Kitchen

Most typical kitchens contain plenty of hazardous human foods, like chocolate, candy, grapes and raisins, onions, garlic, chives, avocado, salty items, alcoholic substances, and more. Plus, there are many hot surfaces in a kitchen that a pet could burn themselves on, from ovens to coffeepots to toasters. Don’t leave hazardous foods lying around, and make sure your pet can’t reach hot surfaces.

Supply Closets

Many standard cleaning products can harm a pet if they were to swallow it—the list includes household cleaners, bleach, solvents, paints, ammonia, air fresheners, polishes, and more. Store the most dangerous chemicals on the highest shelf, and keep your supply closet shut when you’re not using the products inside.


It’s possible for very small or young pets to fall into an open toilet; this is another good reason to keep the lid down. Don’t forget that bathrooms may also contain hazardous cleaning products, human medicines, or other substances that pets shouldn’t ingest.

The Laundry Room

Some pets—particularly cats—might enjoy bedding down in an open dryer full of warm clothing. If the door is shut and the unit started with the cat still inside, disaster will ensue! Never leave washer or dryer doors open, and always check inside before starting a load of clothing.


Cats, again, are at a particular risk for this hazard. Our feline friends often like to lounge by a window to soak up the sun’s warm rays; unfortunately, if the window doesn’t have a sturdy screen, it is possible for cats to fall out of the open window and injure themselves. During the warmer months, make sure every window in your home has a solid screen.

Fireplaces and Portable Heaters

When it’s colder outside, we might turn on the fireplace or set up portable heaters around our homes to ward off the chill. Make sure pets don’t get too close, as they could easily burn themselves.

Would you like more helpful tips on keeping your pet safe in your home? Give your Habersham County, GA veterinarian’s office a call today.

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