How to Successfully Trick Your Cat Into Staying Inside

Have you recently decided to keep your cat indoors? If so, that’s great! Kitties are much safer inside. As soon as Fluffy sets those cute little paws outside, she’s in danger from cars, predators, weather, other kitties, toxic plants, and harmful chemicals, such as pesticides. Outdoor kitties are also at much greater risk of picking up harmful parasites, becoming injured, or getting lost. Convincing your furry friend to stay indoors, however, may require some tact and planning on your part. Actually, you may have to resort to tricks and bribery. In this article, a Mt. Airy, GA vet offers advice on how to trick your cat into staying indoors.

Beware The Door

If Fluffy is sniffing or scratching at the door, she may be hoping to slip out the next time it opens. You’ll want to make your furball think twice about lingering around entrances. Try squirting her with water from a spray bottle. Most kitties hate water, so this will likely send your furry friend running for her favorite hiding spot. Loud noises can also work. Sound a bike horn, rattle a jar of change, or use an alarm app on your phone. These things won’t hurt your cat, but they may make her think twice before approaching the door.

Create A Kitty Haven

Make indoor life as appealing as possible for your feline friend. Provide plenty of comfy napping spots and toys, and play with Fluffy daily to burn off excess energy. We all know what happens when kitties get tired: nap time! A good window view is also beneficial. Just watching birds and squirrels can provide your furball with mental stimulation and keep her occupied. Try setting a cat tower before a window with a good view of the yard.

Bring The Outdoors In

Do you have a sunroom or patio? Why not make it a catio? Add a cat tower and/or catwalk and some comfy beds, and set out cat-safe plants for Fluffy to hide behind. Catnip and cat grass are of course good options, but you can also use rubber plants, Boston ferns, or other non-toxic plants. This will allow your furball to have a taste of the outdoor life while keeping her safe and sound.

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