Behind the Scenes at Your Dog’s Dental Cleaning Appointment

Your golden retriever Bailey seems rather proud of his appearance. This handsome four-year-old pooch struts his flowing red coat on his neighborhood walks. His female canine friends – and his human admirers – can’t stop flocking around him. His gleaming white teeth contrast nicely with his coat color. You work hard to keep his choppers in good shape, scheduling his regular dental checkups and cleanings. In fact, Bailey will visit your Habersham County, GA vet for a cleaning tomorrow.

Easily Scheduled Appointment

Bailey’s dental cleaning fits nicely into your busy schedule. He’ll arrive at the hospital right after opening time, and he’ll receive his thorough exam and cleaning during the day. You’ll retrieve your canine housemate, and his shining teeth, during the late afternoon.

Pre-Cleaning Dental Examination

First, the vet wants a well-rounded picture of Bailey’s dental health. She’ll closely examine your dog’s teeth and gums; and will also analyze his dental history. Bring along treatment records from other facilities, if available.

Hopefully, your companion will just show plaque and tartar accumulation. The vet might also notice some gingivitis or bone loss around one or more teeth. If that’s the case, he’ll probably receive a standard dental cleaning. If the vet observes other issues, she’ll contact you before resolving them. Finally, she’ll evaluate your dog’s general health before giving him the necessary anesthesia. A pre-procedure blood work report will give her useful information.

Complete Dental Cleaning

Assuming Bailey gets the go-ahead for anesthesia, he’ll be comfortably snoozing away within minutes. Throughout the procedure, a veterinary technician will closely monitor your dog’s vital signs.

Now, the vet will begin her work. She’ll check your companion’s gums, requesting x-rays for potential areas of concern. Next, she’ll carefully clean his teeth, scrubbing off plaque and tartar with dental scaling tools. Finally, she’ll apply a polish that smooths his tooth surfaces, making it harder for debris to accumulate there. After the procedure, your dog will relax in his kennel until you retrieve him.

Home Brushing Regimen

Your Habersham County, GA vet will demonstrate how to safely brush Bailey’s teeth. Inquire about the potential benefits of dental rinses and/or chews.

If Bailey consistently receives professional dental care, and you brush his teeth at home, he should continue to display that irresistible smile. To provide your dog with top-notch dental care, contact us for expert assistance.

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