Pamper Your Senior Cat With Special Care

Your brand-new senior cat Bootsie has gotten a new lease on life. Yesterday, you adopted this easygoing nine-year-old feline from your city’s animal shelter. After bringing your new companion home, you allowed him to sniff his way through the house before introducing him to your family. After considerable excitement, he sacked out on his plush senior bed. This morning, Bootsie visited your Mt. Airy, GA veterinarian for a complete new patient exam. The vet also provided your lucky cat with a targeted senior health program.

Tailored Senior Nutrition

Although you’ve met senior cats who lost weight as they aged, Bootsie seems to have gotten a little rounder. To reduce his risk of certain medical problems, the vet wants your chunky companion to shave off some poundage.

First, the vet identified your cat’s nutritional needs and regular exercise routine. Next, he designed a weight-reduction program that should make a difference. Every day, monitor your feline companion’s weight with a scale that records tiny changes. If the number plummets, he could be developing a medical condition. Take him to the vet without delay.

Blissful Brushing Experiences

Bootsie seems addicted to brushing sessions. Twice now, he has eagerly climbed into your lap for a half-hour of brushing and belly rubs. As you stroked his striking coat, you gathered loose fur that could form hairballs.

Brushing stimulates your cat’s skin and promotes better circulation. Together, these important benefits lead to good coat health. If he doesn’t seem interested in his scratching post, clip his sharp little nails.

Secret Mini-Physical Exam

Your half-asleep cat probably hasn’t noticed that each brushing session includes a secret mini-physical checkup. You carefully move your hands over his skin and coat, feeling for anything that doesn’t seem right. If you find something, you’ll alert your vet immediately.

Low-Stress Lifestyle

Lovable little Bootsie deserves a pampered, minimum-stress lifestyle. Try not to upset his regular routine; and shower him with extra attention if you can’t avoid it. If you’re planning a vacation or business trip, engage a familiar relative, friend, or neighbor to spoil your senior cat in their home. Don’t stress him out by bringing in any more pets while he’s there.

Your Mt. Airy, GA veterinarian will see Bootsie regularly, providing physical checkups and resolving emerging concerns. To provide your senior cat with well-rounded care, contact us for expert assistance.

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