Dogs with Jobs

Man’s Best Friend has stood at our side for thousands of years, offering undying loyalty, friendship, and doggy kisses. But Fido is much more than a furry buddy. Our canine pals also perform some very important – and often dangerous – jobs. Below, a local Habersham County, GA, veterinarian, spotlights the heartwarming stories of a few dogs with jobs.

Border Patrol Pup

You’ve probably heard of border control dogs, but have you ever heard of baby border patrol dogs? Kala and Kirby joined our border control forces when they were only five and a half months old. These two Belgian Malinois pooches are literally growing up as part of the border patrol canine family!

Search And Rescue Dog

Bloodhounds are renowned for their remarkable tracking abilities. When Reba, a Bloodhound, was surrendered to a shelter, the manager soon realized that Reba was special. She reached out to a non-profit organization that trains shelter dogs to be search and rescue dogs. Reba has a second chance, and will be working as a search-and-rescue dog in Hawaii!

Seeing Eye Dog

Throughout the world, many of us find ways to honor our animal friends. One truly touching example of this took place at the Boston Marathon in 2015. Randy Pierce, a blind man from New Hampshire, completed the course as a memorial to his beloved seeing-eye dog, Quinn, who passed away earlier this year. Before crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Quinn supported his owner at a whopping 33 races!

Therapy Dog

U.S. Marine veteran Fernando Quandt and his wife, Vivian, were heartbroken when they discovered that Nahla, Fernando’s therapy dog, had gone missing. They left no stone unturned in the search for their beloved canine, hiring a pet detective and starting a social media campaign. The effort paid off: four months later, Nahla is home again!

Herding Dog

Diesel’s tale is another heartwarming second-chance story. A shelter dog, Diesel was adopted as a puppy, and has grown into an amazing performer. This extraordinary pooch excels in many areas, from herding to hunting to obedience. He won his first competition at only ten months old!

Of course, these are just a few examples of the many wonderful dogs with jobs. Our four-legged friends are truly amazing, and a wonderful gift to us!

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