Is Your Horse Bored?

Have you ever wondered if your horse is bored? If Silver is spending too much time in his stall, or his life has become a bit too routine, he may very well be bored. A bored horse may shift his weight back and forth, sway his head, pace restlessly, or crib. It’s important to note that these things can have medical implications, so if your horse is displaying these behaviors, have your vet check him out to ensure there isn’t a health issue. That said, just like any other animal, horses need stimulation to be happy. Below, a local Mt Airy, GA, vet offers some solutions for equine boredom.

Turnout Time

Make sure Silver is getting enough turnout time. Horses are more likely to get bored indoors, as stable life is somewhat duller than outdoor time. If you have multiple turnout areas, rotate your horse between them so he gets a change of scenery.


Make sure that your horse is getting enough exercise. This will help keep Silver from building up too much pent-up energy, and break up the monotony of an uneventful day. Trail riding can also be a fun way to liven things up.


Learning new things is a great way for Silver to relieve boredom. Try training Silver to do something new, like a dressage move or jumping. You’ll of course want to work with your horse’s breed, age, and temperament when choosing his ‘lesson plan’.

Stable Fun

Try putting some stable toys into Silver’s stall. Activity balls can keep horses occupied for quite a while. Hanging treats can also be a lot of fun for your four-legged pal! It won’t hurt to keep a radio playing, either.


There are lots of silly little games you can play with Silver to perk him up. Here’s a cute one: hold out a carrot, and then hide it, and make him guess which hand it’s in.


Hide carrot pieces in Silver’s hay, or float apple slices in his water. You can also put treats into a plastic bottle, cut a hole in it, then hang it.


It’s very important for horses to have company. Silver can get lonely without any equine friends! Make sure he has some barn buddies to hang out with.

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