Donkey Care Tips

Have you recently added a donkey to your home or farm? These long-eared equines have been friends and helpers of ours for a very long time. It’s very important to understand that, though donkeys are similar to horses, and can certainly live with their larger cousins, they are in some ways very different. In this article, a Habersham County, GA, vet offers some donkey care tips.


Donkeys need a lot of fiber in their diets. Straw should make up the bulk of your donkey’s meals. Barley straw is a good choice. Hay is also acceptable. Just be sure to use quality hay, such as meadow hay or seed hay. Other options include high fiber cubes and sugar beet pulp. Ask your veterinarian for specific recommendations if you’ve never kept a donkey before. As with any other animal, fresh water is a must! Your long-eared buddy should have restricted grazing access to a pasture that is at least a few acres. A salt lick is also recommended.


Donkeys may be hardy, but they need shelter. If you don’t have a stall for your little buddy, build a three-sided structure to keep out the worst of the wind and rain. Originally desert animals, donkeys don’t like rain, and can actually get sick if they get too wet. Remember, the stable or shelter will need daily mucking.


Grooming your donkey daily will help keep his coat free of dead hair and dander, and remove some of the dust he will gather by rolling around in the dirt. Just like horses, donkeys are often most likely to roll in dust right after being groomed!

Veterinary Care

Your little buddy will need regular veterinary care, as well as some basic upkeep, such as hoof and dental care. Donkeys also need illness prevention treatments, such as de-worming.


Donkeys should be handled daily. Keeping your hooved pal engaged with light training will provide stimulation. We also encourage you to pet your hooved pal, and offer occasional snacks.


Donkeys are actually very sociable, and one donkey without any buddies will become sad and depressed. Make sure your four-legged pal has some animal friends to spend time with!

Does your donkey need a checkup or deworming? Call us, your local Habersham County, GA, veterinary clinic, any time. We are always happy to help with all of your animals’ veterinary care needs.

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