Microchipping Special


Now, for a limited time only*, we’re offering a SPECIAL 2 FOR 1 pet microchipping!

So DON’T DELAY. Call NOW at (706) 778-7460 to get your appointment booked AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. You never know when your little guy or gal will get the urge to go exploring beyond their normal limits.

So what does microchipping do for you?

  1. It GUARANTEES that your pet always has appropriate contact information – EVEN if your little furry family members lose their collars!
  2. It significantly increases the chances that lost pets will be found.
  3. It helps to safeguard your family against the terrible loss of a beloved pet.

And now, we’re offering our 2 for 1 special…, 
But what if you only have one pet? Well, for a limited time, we’re ALSO allowing you to bring in a NEW PET for the 2 for 1 Special.

A friend, family member, anyone else needing microchipping – you get TWO PETS for the price of ONE.

Make sure and hurry – this offer WON’T LAST LONG. Call NOW at (706) 778-7460to get your appointment booked AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

As we move into fall, let’s make sure that your pets are as safe as possible just in case the unexpected happens.

See you soon,
The “Pet Crazy” Team at Town & Country Animal Hospital

P.S. Once your four-legged family runs out the door, it’s too late. Don’t delay. Call NOW at (706) 778-7460 to get your appointment booked AS SOON AS POSSIBLE while the special lasts. Both pets can be yours, or bring in yours along with a friend or other family’s pet for the price of one. I can’t wait to see you! :)

(Limited spaces available. Appointments must be booked by March 31, 2015)


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